Retail Store Manager - Job Posting

The Ntityix Development Corporation is in the process of creating a new gift store company called Syilx Trail Gift Store. Currently, the NDC is seeking an enthusiastic Retail Store Manager to lead the management and development of our brand new Syilx Trail Gift Store and Gallery, based in the Okanagan Lake Shopping Centre. The Store is currently under construction and will be located within the Sncewips Museum which will be relocating from its current location.

In this role, you will develop a vision for the new store based around celebrating indigenous artists with a deep focus on the Syilx culture of the Okanagan Nation and continue to work with senior management to implement this vision while ensuring the commercial success of the store itself. The store has huge opportunities to grow and transform as dictated by your entrepreneurial spirit.

Some of your key responsibilities may include:

  • Hiring a retail team and managing them to ensure the store is thriving both commercially and professionally.

  • Contributing to the aesthetic appearance of the store.

  • Reaching out to Westbank and Syilx artists within the Okanagan Nation and working with them in order to showcase and sell their work.

  • Ensuring that the majority of products are Canadian made and specifically making all efforts to endorse locally and BC made items.

  • Coordinating with Westbank elders to volunteer within the store.

  • Coordinating with the Sncewips Museum, that is currently being built, and its curator to ensure it and the store are aligned in what they display.

  • Fostering an environment within the store of celebrating indigenous artists.

  • Showcasing the store as part of the November 2019 International Indigenous Tourism Conference being held in Kelowna.

  • Creating a strong network with other similar gift stores and galleries in the Okanagan Nation and throughout BC.

In order to qualify for this role, you will have previous experience in Retail, Art Curation, or Event Management along with the ability to operate a point of sale system and some commercial acumen. Previous experience working with First Nation communities is not required but is certainly an asset. 

As our ideal candidate for this role, you will have a natural creative spark that compliments your ability to successfully manage a project from start to finish. Given that this is a new store, being comfortable starting with a blank canvas and having the drive to push forward with your vision is a must. Your strong communication skills and ability to build up a positive rapport with just about anyone will ensure your success in this role. You will be empowered and supported to utilize your entrepreneurial spirit to make the Syilx Trail Gift Store a resounding success. 

If you're looking for the chance to create something new, then this is the opportunity for you!

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