We're hiring - General Manager of Construction

WIBCO Construction Limited (LP) is built on core values of quality, safety, and fairness, and has over 20 years of history as a general contractor and home builder. The company has a diverse history in building on and off the Westbank First Nation reserve including the WFN community core, office buildings, custom homes, and commercial projects. (www.wibco.ca)

We are looking for an experienced General Manager of Construction to join the construction management team, and be the lead project manager on our ambitious Ntityix commercial and residential development program.

As a division of Ntityix Development Corp., WIBCO Construction works alongside a growing and diverse portfolio including Ntityix Resources LP (forestry), and Lakeridge Park Residential Corp. Ntityix and WFN are progressive employers with excellent working environments and benefits.

Please use this link for applications here