vision and values


Ntityix Development Corporation is the leading Indigenous land development and investment holding company to increase the health and prosperity of the Membership with a commitment to the economic development of Westbank First Nation.


Ntityix Development Corporation (NDC) is a Westbank First Nation company with a growing and sustainable portfolio of diversified strategic assets to maximize community benefits to its shareholder and members.

Core Values

  1. Build trust and demonstrate accountability

  2. Conduct business with integrity and ethical practices

  3. Demonstrate effective leadership to ensure corporate success

  4. Empower creative collaboration

  5. Take pride in our aboriginal cultural identity

Community Vision

In 20-30 years Westbank First Nation will be financially self sufficient, socially progressive, and culturally rich. Profits from Ntityix will fund WFN’s social and government programs so that WFN will not be dependent on Federal funds. Our entrepreneurial activities will be our primary source of financial wealth and will fund the collective dreams for our community. Our people will have access to the best educational and vocational opportunities that the world has to offer.

We will have made substantial advancements in providing for the health and wellbeing of our people, specifically through the provision of housing for all of our Members and social programs to eradicate poverty and addictions. Development on our lands will be environmentally sustainable, will support active lifestyles, and will support and enhance the syilx language.

Our lands will have ample green space and parks. The syilx culture and language will have modern and traditional expressions that form part of our everyday life. In 20-30 years we will be a proud, strong, educated, prosperous, and healthy syilx community that continues to set new standards for Indigenous communities around the world. These accomplishments will be made possible through the determination of our people, the strength of our government, and the success of our corporate endeavor